December 10, 2008 at 9:38 pm (Anime)

Shikabane Hime isn’t that interesting, but it looks frickin’ beautiful in HD.

Toradora’s held up longer than I expected. Still entertaining. Probably best new show of the season.

Kannagi has gone of the rails, and landed somewhere vaguely hilarious. Are karaoke episodes the new thing?

Gundam 00 is still serious business.

Index makes me wonder why I’m still watching it. Oh right it was supposed to end soon.

Zettai Karen Children has too much filler lately. I don’t see how they’re going to run this plot without some time-jumps. Maybe they aren’t.

Chaos; Head still surprisingly good, if you’re into the surreal mystery suspense thing. It feels a lot like a World of Darkness RPG (probably why I like it).

Nodame Cantabile still as gyabo! as ever.

I think I dropped everything else, or at least put it off until later.

Between that, work, school, and my recent PS2 purchase (buying awesome games for $10-$15 is very satisfying), I basically don’t sleep anymore.



  1. The Sojourner said,

    No Ga-Rei Zero? What about Tytania?

  2. Hinano said,

    Wow you’re alive D:

  3. TheBigN said,

    I guess the question is “Was Kannagi even on the rails to begin with?” :P

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