The Big Utena Post

May 5, 2006 at 7:10 am (Analysis, Anime)

Due to a complex chain of events that may have started with Seth’s Beer + Utena Marathon Days idea a few years back, over the course of the past year, CWRU AnSoc (of which I’ve been kind of an adjunct appointed officer by virtue of living with the actual officers) aired the entirety of Shoujo Kakumei Utena, on a schedule of 2-3 episodes a week. This was my second complete run through the show (I watched about half of it on the afforementioned Marathons, before schoolwork overtook schedules again). This second watching has moved a series I liked into the top tier of my favorite anime, and I stop and ask myself why this might be. Why do I like this show?

I kill with my car?

The show uses a ridiculous amount of repeated footage, has a frequently repeated song (absolute destiny apocalypse) that I don’t particularly like, has some of anime’s most blandly choreographed swordfights, is long, and is incredibly pretentious. It looks like some kind of terrible film student art piece come to life on a nickel-and-dime budget.

Yet I think it is totally sweet.

I like lists.

–Why I thought Utena was Totally Sweet–

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Midweek Update #1

May 3, 2006 at 4:14 pm (Anime)

META: While there are still only like two people that read this, I’m playing around with the format to find something I’m comfortable with. Going to try doing batch update post for current show mocking/zomging/etc, to keep content more organized. Too many reactions posts when I want a slightly different focus.

This week: Melancholy 5, Ouran 4, Ultrawatermelons 4, Ray 4, Holic 4, Saionkoku Monogtari 1, TOKKO 2, Jyu Oh Sei 3, Black Lagoon 3. And the pattern for most of the season, except I might drop Ray and/or TOKKO, I’ll usually have a Nana post (already talked about most recent), and if the Gokinjou Monogtari subber starts up agian, I’ll probably have stuff on that.

If your heart has not truly given up…

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