Moyashimon was the best microbiology anime I’ve ever seen

March 30, 2008 at 8:30 pm (Anime)

It apparently got better right after (episode 7) I had quit watching it (episode 6).

After I quit watching it, apparently the show became all about EXUBERANT YOUTH leading to things like SUDDEN GOTHLOLI COMING-OUT, which was great, as was all of the characters related reactions including the old man who is just like “ahh, to be young again”, and the bondage doctorette who responded to “EWW MAN KISSING MAN IS GROSS YOU ARE DIRTY!” by ambush-kissing the poor girl and telling her “WELL GUESS WHAT NOW YOU ARE DIRTY TOO”

And any flaws this show might have had were negated by the scene in the last episode, where after being ambush-hugged by the bondage doctorette, Sawaki is encouraged thusly by his microbe-pals:

“Hey, hey! You shy boy!”
“You just gonna go home?”
“If you’re a man, you should have gone down on her!”
“Yeah, really…”
“Normally, most would go for it.”
“Go back laughing and get on her!”
“Push her down! Push her down! Push her down!”


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Lonely, I waited. Then one winter day, as the snow fell. You arrived.

March 21, 2008 at 12:12 am (manga)


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The Mai Otome manga made my head expode 87 times

March 19, 2008 at 9:31 pm (manga)

Even though I am a big fan of the Mai [Z]HiME franchise, I had not read any of the manga before, because I heard it was basically just really bad softcore pr0n.

This is a blatant lie.

It is not just softcore pr0n.

The Mai Otome manga is the manga incarnation of the world’s most massive BONER.

It breaks down basically likes this:

30% softcore pr0n
20% pr0n-related jokes (“two small breasts pressed into my back…my element…it’s about to…MATERIALIZE”)
50% action scenes that made my head explode

This manga is like a genre-connoisseur’s dream-come-true.

This is the plot of Mai Otome (manga):

Part One – It’s basically OtoBoku, but with better art.
Part Two – Schwarz attempts a revolution. And not, like, a revolution in efficient housecleaning. Like they have a slave named “Robespierre” and say things like “I WILL GLADLY SACRIFICE MYSELF FOR THE SAKE OF THE REVOLUTION.”
Chapter 17 – Midori appears. Everyone feels a rekindled passion for JUSTICE.
Part Three – Everyone does their best, deshou. And they fight evil clones of their HiME versions. And Natsuki makes fun of her clone for padding her breasts. Everyone reveals their TRUE FORM and they use courage and friendship to execute combination attacks which protect the ones they care about. Also, at some point they re-enact the plot from Empire Strikes Back.

Here is a very small sample of hissatsu:

The Mai HiME manga is also pretty readable, but the earlier parts are less good; the later parts are pretty great. Particularly when you reach chapters with titles such as “Justice Doesn’t Die”.

One thing that stays constant throughout every anime and manga iteration of this concept is that Haruka is full of win. Sometimes she has magic powers, sometimes she just has DISCIPLINE.

Also, all things said, the manga stories are a lot more cohesive than the anime stories, particularly Otome, but they’re also not trying so hard to be all “OMG IS THIS A CLUE?!”

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Feminism in Shion no Ou

March 10, 2008 at 9:30 pm (Analysis, Anime)

(EDITORIAL NOTE: This blog is not dead. I’m still watching a few shows a season, but not much has felt worth writing about lately. Also, busy with full time job. Expect a post roughly once a month.)

Shion no Ou, if you’re not watching it, is the show about the mute girl playing shougi. It’s also ostensibly a murder mystery. Incidentally this post is full of spoilers, if for some reason you actually wanted to watch the show.

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