Maria Holic gets Shafted

January 9, 2009 at 9:24 pm (Anime)

I’m leery of Shaft as a studio, but Zetsubou Sensei was pretty good, and the premise for Maria Holic sounded potentially funny, so I figured I’d give the first episode a go.

Unfortunately Shaft can’t just make anime. They have to take anime, whip out their dongs, wrap their dongs in that anime, pump up and down until they have a nice lather of gooey semen, and then fling the messied product back at the viewer for the Money Shot.

I find Shaft’s animation and visual style somewhere between intensely distracting and vertigo inducing (I think it may literally have given me gas, in this instance). I think they have no sense of pacing or focus. I think this didn’t matter for Zetsubou Sensei, because it was a high-energy gag comic that had really fantastic source material which survived relatively well no matter what damage Shaft might have done to it.

Shaft reminds me of Takashi Murakami except without the irony.



  1. jpmeyer said,


  2. hashi said,

    Nice comment about Murakami and interesting general metaphor. But I’d say take some dramamine for your vertigo and try again. For me, the two efs are among the best shows of the past two years. Semen is a wellspring of life.

    I don’t find the content of other “Shaft” shows to my taste, but the wild visuals don’t mess things up for me, they give the shows more depth, aesthetic and even emotional. I’m not a fan of the original MariaHolic manga, so I have my doubts if even Shinbou can save it for me. But I’ll give him a chance.

    Anyway, I’ll also repeat my mantra that I think you should be (dis)crediting Shinbou Akiyuki, the director or managing editor of these shows, not the studio Shaft.

  3. 21stcenturydigitalboy said,

    I love the taste of Shaft’s sperm and would pay thm to stand over my mouth and jerk off.

  4. Hinano said,

    In other words, you also hate their Photoshop Filter anime.

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