The World Reflected in the Eyes of a Really Long Title

February 27, 2009 at 10:30 pm (Anime)

Munto feels more like a picture book with music, or maybe an opera, than it does a T.V. Show. The pacing is all wonky and it seems like things happen without much explanation or preamble. For a show full of dynamic action, it feels really…slow.

I don’t feel great waves of anticipation over each new episode, but I watch them anyway because they’re consistently a pleasant viewing experience. I just have to remind myself that this is more about the audiovisual experience than any kind of story. The same is actually true of a lot of anime, I think; they usually don’t interest me, but KyoAni is *so* good at animation that maybe it makes a difference?

Basically, if the story to Munto were actually an interesting story, it would be 12 Kingdoms. Instead, it’s sort of like reading a synopsis of a good story in the form of captions to really pretty pictures.


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